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Wedding Theme Colors

How to Choose

How To Choose Your Wedding Theme Colors?

wedding colors - How To Choose Your Wedding Theme Colors?

Wedding is a big event in everyone’s life and couples, especially brides are very much particular about choosing a color theme that can make the event memorable. While there are countless options, one tends to get lost when deciding on a color palette. if you want great suggestions or need to bring alive your thoughts and ideas, welcome to Ecoworld Events we have a rich portfolio to inspire you!

Here are some key factors that determine your choice:


Choose colors that align with your personality:

Are you trendy and love being contemporary? If so, go for vibrant colors such as purple, red and blue. On the other hand, if you like being minimalistic, choose light or neutral hues that truly represent your attitude and personality. Choose a wedding outfit that gets along with your style and decorative colors that sync with your lifestyle.



Where do you plan to get married? If you have planned your wedding in a luxury hotel, choose elegant colors however if you have a small number of guests and the venue is a small garden, then opt for romantic and cool colors.



Don’t forget to choose a wedding theme color that represents the season you are getting married in. Blue and coral are great for summer while green is perfect for the spring season. Rust and copper make a wonderful combination for a fall wedding. These colors can be matched or contrasted with the color of your choice to bring in a compelling aesthetic.

We, Ecoworld Events can help you choose a fabulous color theme for your wedding. Our passionate event managers can create and develop thematic concepts while our professionals can craft an out of the ordinary decoration exclusively for your wedding.
Get in touch with us for event management and planning in Kenya; the size of your event doesn’t make a difference in our approach or service.

You never get a second chance to record your wedding day.

Make it memorable!

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