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Tents hire in Kenya

Ecoworld EventsTents hire in Kenya

Hexagon Tent

Who doesn’t want their event to be perfect and lavish? We understand all your wishes and we try to fulfill them to our best of ability.

Do you want your party to be on the open ground, maybe under a beautiful hexagonal tent? Not to worry. In Kenya, our creative team of Ecoworld Services LTD is always ready to create that special party according to your vision.

We can provide you with all kinds of tents for hire. Moreover, we can pitch any tent anywhere at any given time

Dome Tent

A dome tent looks stunning, exotic and super classy. And we are able to provide our customers with all kind of tents in Kenya.

It doesn’t matter whether the event is big or small; we are equipped to provide you with everything that you want. The color, texture and design of our tents are of supreme quality and they are also exceptionally sturdy, so you need not worry at all.

After installation you will be amazed to witness the astounding spaciousness and so will be your guests.

A-Frame Tents

A classic A-Frame tent is an excellent choice for an outdoor party. A classic framed tent can be installed at any and every place.

Although, it is pitched with construction materials, it doesn’t have any centre pole. So, that makes a classic framed tent more spacious. You can make it as large as you want in order to accommodate your guests.

We in Kenya can provide you with A-Framed and also any other kind of tent for your perfect outdoor event.


Ecoworld Services LTD in Kenya can offer the customers the most creative and attractive Canopies for their outdoor event.

We entirely install it on the place you choose. You just have to share your vision with us and our creative team executes it just the way you want. Canopies can be extremely gorgeous for any event.

We give it for rent in a very affordable price. Out satisfied clients have been very impressed with kind of effort we put in to make your party the greatest event anyone would see.

Cheese Tents

Cheese Tents looks simple yet extremely sophisticated. In Kenya, we provide our customers with the best possible tents for their events.

After our perfect installation by the experts, you will see beautiful breezy spaciousness instead of just tubes everywhere. And that’s the beauty of our creative team.

They provide you with the best possible ideas and execute your visions to make your tent party look like a dream.

Clear tents

Clear tents are not seen very often, but if installed properly they look astoundingly beautiful with a transparent top. And that’s exactly what we do.

We can install a clean yet gorgeous clear tent anywhere you want at a very affordable rent.

The interior is kept absolutely unobstructed, which makes it an amazingly dreamy affair. And it’s beautiful to look at because with a clear top the view is absolutely extraordinary.  You can see through both inside and out.

Marquee Tents in Kenya

A marquee tent has been very popular lately, and our customers have been pretty impressed with the ones proved by us.

You can choose a rectangular marquee, a triangular one or a matrix marquee, Ecoworld Services LTD is capable of providing all of them. We catch pitch in any kind of marquee tent for your party.

An unique triangular form or the most common matrix marquee our team can create the most amazing tents perfectly suitable according to your occasion.

Our Resources are hired to give results, not reasons.

Choose Success!

Who Are We?

Ecoworld events is your all-in-one events management company, providing full event management and planning, including creation and development of thematic concepts,decoration, hire of small tents, tables, chairs and décor for any size of event.

Our extensive work and experience has deemed us the best events management company in Kenya .Our elegant yet practical, Pergola Tents, Hexagon, Dome, Canopies, A-frame and Bline tents are attractive and create the right atmosphere whether it is a small family party, wedding or corporate event.

We are reliable, creative, and consistent in our delivery. Our clients include the government, multinationals, sports personalities, celebrities, top flight event organizers and caterers, prestigious venues, and of course every day private individuals.