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Wedding Décor

How to Choose

Ecoworld EventsWedding Wedding DecorHow To Choose Your Wedding Décor?

How To Choose Your Wedding Décor?

Wedding décor must truly represent your attitude and personality as a couple.

It is therefore important to do some research and plan everything carefully. Don’t just jump into buying decorative items; there are other things to look into since these largely affect the wedding décor. Read through…

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What look do you want for your venue? Classic or contemporary? Minimalist or rustic?

If you have a vision of how you want your wedding venue to look like, it is easier to stock up the décor items. Otherwise, the theme and décor might just not match; they may not create an appeal you wished for on your big day.

Choose a color palette that offers flexibility.

Add more neutral colors instead of sticking to the more common colors. Neutral hues provide flexibility and let you add more matching or contrasting colors to create an extraordinary aesthetic

Align your décor with the venue surroundings.

The wedding venue might already have beautiful landscaped gardens, lovely fountains or a tented ground with artificial, artistic walls. Choose décor that can highlight these features.
A beautiful venue, especially with nature integrated into it will require minimal décor; adding more décor into such venues might harm the very beauty of the place. So, choose wisely.

Buy or hire decorative essentials

As said earlier, the décor greatly depends on the venue and the surroundings. However, essentials such as tents, chairs, lighting, tables and other functional pieces can be bought or hired; hiring is always a wise idea. Ecoworld Events, an event management company, provides tents and chairs for hire in Kenya. If your wedding budget allows, you can add some luxurious items such as velvet chairs, a grand flower wall, and a wedding lounge.

We, Ecoworld Events are an expert event management company Kenya that offer outstanding decorative services for wedding and other events.

A Wedding without stunning decor is just a meeting.

Make it memorable!

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Ecoworld events is your all-in-one events management company, providing full event management and planning, including creation and development of thematic concepts,decoration, hire of small tents, tables, chairs and décor for any size of event.

Our extensive work and experience has deemed us the best events management company in Kenya .Our elegant yet practical, Pergola Tents, Hexagon, Dome, Canopies, A-frame and Bline tents are attractive and create the right atmosphere whether it is a small family party, wedding or corporate event.

We are reliable, creative, and consistent in our delivery. Our clients include the government, multinationals, sports personalities, celebrities, top flight event organizers and caterers, prestigious venues, and of course every day private individuals.